december 10

A fellow resident told me the other day that I earned the right to wear sweatpants everyday when I got accepted to SIM.  I do feel a little guilty for having such low standards for myself but residency life is kind of like that.  I don't think I've worn jeans yet since I've been here.  And yesterday, big discovery here in the studio- my armchair has one of those flip up footrests.  WHOA!  

(In other news, I have indeed felt myself tense up when I approach the grocery store but I needed food yesterday and took a little walk to pick some up).  

a cute little rainbow I noticed coming back from the store

a cute little rainbow I noticed coming back from the store


This was all great discoveries because I spent most of the day feeling awful.  I decided it would be a good time to attend some more google university sessions since all I have been doing is fuss over the same video this past week.  So that is what I did.  I laid that one little video to rest, while following numerous tutorials on how to do so properly.  

I have been grappling with a few things.  While I am not knocked out by that piece being completed(-ish, for now) and really after many struggles and re-filmings, I did exactly what I set out to do.  Of course, there was some play in there and much, much reflective writing in my sketchbook, so the process worked.  I still am not entirely sure if I am satisfied.  

I'm struggling with knowing how I like and can create beautiful images and I have chosen to not make these grandiose spectacles.  The concept here is the hidden storm behind the mundane.  The total composure in small gestures, yet the gestures are the hint to the larger, internal struggle.  But an articulation of the struggle is an even larger struggle and therefore, we become that stranded ship in the ocean, tapping S.O.S.

So I wasn't sure if I'd share the video I completed.  I decided to.  I guess, if you decide to view it, it is best viewed larger rather than smaller.

For today, I'm moving on.......