december 12

It seems that every morning, when I write these posts, that there is an incredible amount of wind and rain that hits the skylights above me.  I always think that the current day is most definitely worse than the day before but in actuality, it is probably just the same.  

This week is going to be a wonky one.  I have papers to grade and the semester to wrap up.  Yes, I am still teaching which is such an odd feeling to be so much removed for school yet still have responsibilities in it.  Then a few of us will be off for a few days of exploring the south coast- so my posts may end up less frequent when we get on the road... but, let me catch you up on the events of yesterday.

presentation time

presentation time

Yesterday was presentations.  It seems to many were as excited about presenting as I was (which, I wasn't).  This is when all the residents get together a present their work that they came into the residency with and if they have something to show/discuss from the residency, they could share that too.  I was quite looking forward to hearing others talk about their work.  I was not however looking forward to presenting mine.

So this isn't really because I don't like my work.  I actually really like how it has unfolded over this past year- except it has become so deeply personal that I haven't figured out a way to talk about it in a more objective way and I knew this coming into it (and this is partly why i wanted time here- to mull this all over).  

One might ask, "Well Heather, aren't you thinking about this while you make the work?"  Yes, I am.  But I also allow myself to follow instincts with a loose set of guidelines.  

Now the talk has happened.  I babbled a good bunch.  I spit out a few things I wanted to say- I shared a lot of things that I would like to take back, but doing these types of things forces one to take stock in getting to the bottom of what is going on with the work.

After having the night to sleep on it, I have decided that I need to become more articulate around the ideas of: internalized archetypes; the measurement of our humanity and its representation on/in the body; my vast definition of drawing as a form of performance.  (I sense a new assignment for myself- updating the ol' artist statement).  

Yeah, these are all the things I wish I would have said or things that could have been said so much better instead of some the babbling that came out.  You might see me hash some of this out over a few posts in the coming weeks.

You might be wondering about the other residents... rest assured, they are quite inspirational.