december 14

Oh man, it's a whiney post:

I woke yesterday morning thinking that it was today.  The days really run together- it's dark so long and light so short that we end up feeling like we are in this everlasting twilight.  And on top of it, it's been so rainy.

reykjavik got the blues, yo

reykjavik got the blues, yo

But today a few of us begin our adventure to the south coast.  We expect to see lots of snow, some glaciers and general otherworldlyness that is Iceland.

In studio news, there are a few things at play here.  I tend to have to see something through to the end just to feel as though I've worked through a project to the end and not allow myself to abandon it when it gets hard (a really good metaphor for my life).  I have been messing around with the second plea video that it was becoming just stupid to me.  I did have some issues that I was trying to address in post-production- such as tremendous camera shake due to wind, even though the camera was mounted on a tripod.  The program I am using (Adobe Premiere) is pretty awesome and has infinite capabilities that maybe, one day, I'll be proficient on, but I guess the fact is, I get frustrated trouble shooting less than stellar footage.  

So part of just laying something to rest is that I require myself to export it to youtube.  I finally did that and am sharing here.  I don't know.  I'm not enjoying this video stuff.  Although parts of it satisfies the ocd part of me, I find that i don't feel as though I start with strong enough imagery that gets me excited as I work on the idea.  Lighting is bad and it is so hard to film myself.  While I like the way the neck and shoulder pieces were framed, I have numerous other pieces of footage that are just not good or what I feel are too cliche.  

And I always think a break might be useful.  I took a break to grade for a day and came back to video work, still not feeling refreshed and mostly just feeling stressed.  Now I'll be on the road for a few days and maybe that will be more time to contemplate these works.  We'll see, but I am thinking that it may be time to ditch this idea.  I guess, time will tell.