december 2-3: upon arrival

After a flight that seemed to be incredibly quick and last forever, I arrived in Reykjavik during the early morning of December 3.  It seemed very much like the middle of the night- due to my body clock registering as 3:30am but also due to the lack of a sunrise while I was driven through the city at 8:30am to my final destination, SIM Residency.  Below is a pic, as the driver wizzed by it heading into downtown, of the infamous Hallgrímskirkja Church that is on every postcard for Reykjavik.



I finally got some shut-eye once arriving at the apartment, finding my room and settling in.  I woke up later to realize that I had slept through half of the day's daylight and urgently got myself together to go out and find groceries while it was still daylight (as I had found street signs hard to read in the night- perhaps because of my bleary, tired eyes, or maybe because they are just simply hard to read).  I went to the Bonus market where I found the city folk to be much different than the Skagastrond folks I encountered a few years ago when I did a residency at the north end of the island.  I was literally pushed through the store by folks behind shopping carts.  They don't stop for you as you try and decipher food labels and as a result, I bought what I now find out to be translated as "fun milk"- which is a very disgustingly sweet and thin version of milk.  Needless to say, I will go back to the store to buy different milk- and hopefully not form a version of grocery shopping PTSD.

Today- I am settling into the studio and flushing out some goals for the upcoming few weeks here- while also trying to disconnect from answering work emails or being tied to watching cat videos all day long.  Sidenote: there is a shirt at the nearby Aurora Borealis Museum that is decked out with cats floating in a sky of Northern Lights.  Am I that girl?

Ending with some shots taken around the 'hood (click the pics to go forward- it's a gallery of images)...