december 15, 16, 17

I just spent a beautiful few days on the south coast with 2 of the other (lovely) residents.  We had a tremendously moving experience together.  The three of us traveled without having to speak a word; we often had a hard time articulating the impact of what we saw; and we were moved (a word that hardly sums it up) by the power of the landscape.  I have never had an experience such as this.  My photos hardly capture the essence of this incredible place.  

It's a short post today because I am going to let the photos do the talking. 

(Some photos turned slightly blue at the second lagoon, due to fading light and camera settings, but other than that, I tried to keep the color as accurate as possible.  

Photos are in order of the trip we took so you get a sense of how fast the day passes due to light and the weather.  I will also try and add locations to the photo caption as I can locate the spelling of them.  

Click the image to enlarge.  Not all photos are square- as much as I would like that).