A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

a measure of exhibition at Penn State University LV, 2017

My studio practice investigates universal questions of Self.  Through process, performance, and installation, I use the body as the tool of measurement that considers our questions of Being.  I explore the nuanced facets of emotion and how they evolve as we experience them.  Involved with that experience is how we communicate with others and the vulnerability that ensues.  

I investigate the act of longing. Not necessarily romantic longing, but more a desire for difference.  Our many forms of longing include moments of adoration, jubilance, anger, sadness, and alienation.   Investigating body language, my work targets fleeting gestures/interactions that provide clues about desire.  There is opportunity to be understood or misunderstood.  Like many tenuous situations, obstacles need to be overcome; sometimes they are and sometimes they are met with defeat.

My work asks questions of the viewer.  The questions I ask are honest, without the constructed presentation of Self.  I explore one's longing while imposing reciprocity, requiring the viewer to learn rules for engagement.

Selected engagement with the audience includes the power of Silence.  I view Silence as a form of activism- one where power lies in earning the trust of the viewer.  This exchange suggests a willingness to be understood through the politics of communication.  My work is intentionally spare, tedious, and sometimes monotonous.  Longing is a labored emotion but my work strives to eliminate the gloss of constructed presumptions.   This allows one to consider their personal stance on said concept and become involved- cerebrally,  emotionally, and conceptually.  They, too, become part of the work by either choosing to engage or ignore, thus validating the politics of the work.