The Dividing Line [shifts]

The Dividing Line [shifts] is a series of performative gestures that investigates the residual effects of trauma. As an intersection of gendered labor (or ‘women’s work’) and Somatics, performance action imply the cognitive struggle involved in average daily activity while presenting both the strength and fragility of evolving social structures. As a navigation of emotional boundaries encountered with archetypes most women face, the work examines how and in what circumstances boundaries are constructed, what they protect, where they fail, and what by-products emerge from their failures. The Dividing Line [shifts] recognizes that these structures are erected as a result of relational circumstances, change throughout life, and exist simultaneously in varying integrities. The simple act (of cracking an egg and using its shell as a brittle material for this metaphorical wall) comments on the precarious process of protecting one’s Self while encountering external models for learned behavior.

recorded at Litehaus Galerie & Projektraum
Berlin, Germany

The Dividing Line [shifts]
Investigation [shift I]; 3:06 min
Edification [shift II]; 2:27 min
The Collapse [shift III]; :37 sec
Aggregation [shift IV]; 3:16 min
Cultivation [shift V]; 1:14 min

Performance to video
Duration: 10:41 min
Year: 2019

Stills from video