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Performance: Line Bridge Body

  • Majlis Art Garden Toronto Canada (map)

Tissue, bones, tendons, veins, arteries, organs, cells, rhizomes, the frailty, vulnerability, and inevitable decomposition of the living body is in every internal joint. A body tells stories; its memories embodied and re-enlivened in contact. The multiplicity of being embodied. Present at each meeting point.

Toes, legs, torso, belly, heart, mouth, hair, eyes, ears, multicolor surfaces, singular compositions and combinatory of the living, experiencing itself through its outside. Reaching across some incalculable distance. Unknown. Relationally. Our bodies are a bridge carrying us across time. At the interstice of time, bodies are relational potential improvising a crossroad. We are of unforeseeably emergent orientations, lines, movements, budding more than linguistic expressions.

Body-and-with, animated by flows of breath, heat, liquids, beats, pulsations, rhythms, affects, the elements, atmospheres, others; encountered entanglements of joy, pain, contentment or fear, in and of space time. Animal bodies. These bodies, they weigh, matter, mean, transform, create, and resist with each other.

This is for a one-day explorative symposium to be held in Toronto Aug 31, 2019 at Majlis Art Garden. Its an intimate venue where we can delve into somatic praxis, relationality, movement, particularly in the arts, ecology, eco/performance, and politics.

Some topics of Interest:

-relational somatics, movement, explorations of space-time, duration, memory
-embodied senses (i.e. touch), synesthesia, sensoriums, sensation, non-linguistic communication, and sense (i.e. felt-sense)
-somatics and identity,
performance art, improvisation and experimentation in the arts (i.e. music, listening, and movement)
-ecological mourning, eco-performance, relationship with nature and/or nonhuman life
-bodies and surface, skin, without organs, technology, augmentation
-bodies as sites of transgression, in revolt, resistance, decolonization
-psychosomatic considerations, trauma, critical disability
-critical and culturally diverse approaches to embodiment

Later Event: August 31
Performance: Staged on Screen