In 2016, the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence reported 102 lives cut short due to Domestic Violence.  Those experiences extinguished. Memorial is a 102-hour durational performance, which is fulfilled in segments. This subtle performance is the act of breathing against glass and marking each breath on a piece of paper.  For each hour passed, one victim of domestic violence is memorialized.  

The artist looks to perform this piece in every county in a Pennsylvania, memorializing all 102 deaths.

memorial [lehigh county]; the act of counting breath; performed at the Ronald K DeLong Gallery, Penn State University- Lehigh Valley; duration: 7 hours; 2017
memorial [luzerne county]; the act of counting breath; performed at Wilkes University Henry Student Center; duration: 2 hours; 2018

OCTOBER 30, 2017: PENN STATE Lehigh Valley; Ronald K. DeLong Gallery

In the gallery below are the drawings made by marking each breath throughout the 7 hour performance.  Each page represents each hour; each hour a victim of domestic violence.  Click the right side of the gallery to proceed through the scroll of images.

APRIL 9, 2018: Wilkes University; Henry Student Center